Print to Perfection. With the high-quality dedicated coating blanket for sheet-fed offset presses.

Compressible coating blanket

Well suited for solid and spot varnishing

Even stripping depth

For water-based and UV-varnishes

Our printing blankets have a special CONTI-AIR® compressible layer of closed microcells.

Technical data

Printing surface

Color: green
Surface: microground
Roughness RZ (DIN 4768): 4.5?m
Roughness RA (DIN 4768): 0.7?m
Surface hardness (DIN 53505): 53° Shore A


At 1,350 KPa: 0.195 mm ± 0.03 mm

Fabric Layers

4 precision calendered fabric plies

Elongation (DIN 16621& 53354)

0.9% ± 0.15% at 500 N/5 cm

Nominal thickness (ISO 12636)

1.95 mm

Stripping layer

Stripping depth: 0.85 mm

True Rolling (Paper feed characteristics)