Print to Perfection. With the high-quality UV blanket for sheet-fed printing with UV inks.

Climate-neutral blanket (PURE PRINTING)

High swelling resistance to UV inks and cleaning agents thanks to special surface rubber

Increased compressible layer thickness

Minimal sinking throughout the life of the printing blanket

Excellent smash resistance

Good dot sharpness and smooth printing of solids

Only suitable for pure UV printing

Our printing blankets have a special CONTI-AIR® compressible layer of closed microcells with an over pressure.

Technical data

Printing surface

Color: black
Surface: microground
Roughness RZ (DIN 4768): 4?m
Roughness RA (DIN 4768): 0.6?m
Surface hardness (DIN 53505): 60° Shore A


At 1,350 KPa: 0.200 mm ± 0.03 mm

Fabric Layers

2 precision calendered fabric plies

Elongation (DIN 16621& 53354)

0.9% ± 0.15% at 500 N/5 cm

Nominal thickness (ISO 12636)

1.95 mm

True Rolling (Paper feed characteristics)